Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily fun with mommy and daddy

Just a few things that little man loved to do with mommy and daddy every day:

1.  Read lots of "storwies"!  I bet I read 10-15 books to little man every day.  He loves, loves, loves to read and it has always been something that will calm him down if he is upset about something.  Also, it is a stall tactic around bedtime and nap time!

2.  Walk in daddy and mommy's shoes.  He thinks this is soooooo funny!

Get wrapped up in a tape measure.  This was a one time event, but he sure had fun!

3.  Eat daddy's cereal.  This kiddo "wants some" of whatever you've got!  I can't figure out how to turn this pic around, so just enjoy it sideways :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nurse Maid's Elbow and Clogged Tear Ducts

May was a tough month for little pumpkin!  Around Stanley's birthday, we went over to mom and dad's for dinner.  When we were getting ready to leave, Brett reached down to pick up Jacob, and when he put him in his arms, Jacob started WAILING!  Literally, he was crying like he was in major pain.  We could not figure out what had happened, because both of us had been right there and seen nothing happen out of the ordinary.  On the way home, he just wimpered and wouldn't pick up his juice with his left hand.  When we got to our house, we decided to let him play outside for a second to see if he would use his left arm to play with his push toy.  Nope.  He just cried and reached up with his good arm to Brett.  By this point, I'm like DANG IT!  We are going to have to go to the hospital and I don't even understand what just happened !!!!! :)

We got there, and they looked at it, and said that it was "nurse maid's elbow".  Translation:  his elbow had popped out of socket.  Luckily, by the time the doctor had gotten in there, Jacob's had gone back into place, so they did not have to manually do it.  That process is apparently very painful and we were super happy to avoid that!  Little man was not too sure about his sling, but the Dr. told us to just try to keep it still for the next couple of days.

He also warned us that it isn't a good idea to swing kiddos around by their arms or pick them up by just their legs when playing.  We sure didn't do it that time, but thinking back, Brett and Jacob probably had played that way in the past.  After that, I have to (awkwardly) say to random people who pick Jacob up by his arms that his elbow has popped out before, and the Dr. said it is much more likely to happen again.  I look like a helicopter mom, but it was painful for Jacob and the $400 hospital bill was too! :)

Later in May, little man had to pay a visit to a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist.  For his first year, one of his little eyes had a very difficult time draining.  We rubbed it (and made him super mad), but it just didn't seem like it was getting better.  Every time he would get a cold, his little eyes would get red and infected because they couldn't drain.  The Dr. said that his was not blocked, but that it was very narrow and that he could possibly grow out of it by 2 or 2.5.  He did, and we were sooooo glad we waited a sec before doing surgery!

The Epic Easter Egg Hunt. . . Georgia Version :)

When we lived in North Carolina, we started a really fun tradition around Easter where we had an Easter Egg hunt for the youth.  We hid hundreds of easter eggs and had one prize egg that had a ticket for a free ipod in it.  They were soooooo excited to go look for it.  We decided to continue the tradition here and the youth were super excited about it!  Jacaboo wanted to be up high with his Daddy while he was giving directions.  I just followed my toddling man around while the youth hunted all over GA Baptist Assembly.  It was a really fun night!

Stinker doodle!

I love this picture!  He made it to the top of the table and he was so proud :)  I also love it because it documents some of the first months when he is actually starting to look like my child just a little bit.  Up until now, EVERYONE would say, "Did you carry that child?!  He only looks like his daddy!"  He really is starting to look like some of my toddler pics too.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mommy's birthday 2012

Here's a random post that I forgot to do in November's.  My 28th birthday was super fun to share with family.  Mom and Dad had us over for a birthday celebration and Jacob started playing with Papa.  They were so silly :)
High fives!

Jacob wasn't sure about the candles.  Actually, it looks like there were just 2 candles, but still scary!

March with Little Man

Here are some other fun things from March:
Mimi bought Jacob some super cute green Crocs.  He loved them!
She also found this little plastic table at a yard sale, and it quickly became one of Jacob's favorites.
Here Jacob is riding with Papa George on the lawn mower.  That boy loves to ride the lawn mower with his daddy and papa.  He yells until Brett lets him get up with him to go for a "ride".  He says "ride"  soooooo sweetly :)
Sweet cheeks!  Love this boy!

He's done with pics, please. . .

Easter 2013: Part 2

Here we are getting ready to go to church.  Little man looked so precious!  I love that you can still see our wallpaper in the background.  This was before the paint job that Brett did for me that summer.  
He pretty much adores his mommy!
Waiting for Mimi and Papa to come load us up.  Brett has to leave really early for church on Sunday mornings, so while my back was still so injured (and before he would agreeably climb in his carseat), Mom and Dad would drop by on their way to church and get me loaded up.  As I was dealing with my back injury, I found that anytime I really needed to be somewhere at a certain time, I would end up doing something stupid and hurting it again.  So, pretty much for about 7 months, we just decided that anytime I left the house, someone would load me up.  Ughhh!  It was a mild form of house arrest!  Good thing is, I was trapped with this cutie :)
Easter dinner at Mimi and Papa's.  He was still a little sleepy from his nap.
We did a little egg hunt for the littles in their bonus room.  They had fun with this one!
There are our sweet peas!